Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcano
The erupting Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. A major eruption occured on April 14, 2010
resulting in a plume of volcanic ash being thrown into the atmosphere.

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National Geographic - Volcano
The most dazzling but destructive natural force on earth. Massive volcanic eruption can turn day into night, releasing the power of an atomic blast, spewing toxic avalanches of lava, gas, and ash. National Geographic Video transports you to some of the world's most notorious volcanoes

Supervolcano - It's Under Yellowstone. And It's Overdue
A subterranean sea of molten lava that scientists are sure will burst through the Earth's crust it's just a question of when. And if the resulting super-volcanic eruption is anything like the last one on earth which plunged the world into darkness for six years, tipped us into the last Ice Age and reduced the human population to just 2,000 people we're in for one explosive ride
Accretionary Flow Andesite Ash
Basalt Block Bomb
Caldera Cinder Cone Dacite
Debris Avalanche Dike Dome
Effusive Eruption Eruption Cloud Fault
Fissure Eruption Fumarole Gas
Geyser Hornito Hummock
Kipuka Lahar Lapilli
Lava Lava Fountain Lava Lake
Lava Tube Limu Littoral Cone
Maar Magma Mineral
Mud Volcano Obsidian Pahoehoe
Pele's Hair Pele's Tears Pillow Lava
Plinian Eruption Pit Crater Pumice
Pyroclastic Flow Reticulite Rhyolite
Rift Zone Rock Scoria
Shield Volcano Spatter Spatter and Cinder Cone
Stratovolcano Strombolian Tephra
Tree Mold Tumulus Vent
Vulcanian Eruption Volcanic Explosivity Index Volcanic Dome
Volcanic Gas Volcano  

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National Geographic's Restless Earth Collection Asteroids Deadly Impact/Volcano/Nature's Fury
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Savage Earth
Waves of Destruction
Out of the Inferno
Restless Planet
Hell's Crust
From the legendary fury of Mt. Vesuvius to the devastating convulsions of Kobe, Japan, Savage Earth tells the stories of these great natural disasters, the scientists who struggle to understand and predict them, and the people whose lives are forever changed by their merciless force

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Redoubt Volcano
Looking south at the north flank of Redoubt volcano. Ashfall limited to south crater floor, rim, and extending south-southeast.
Source of ash is a vent south of the 1990 dome at an elevation of 8300 ft.
Date March 15, 2009 by Heither Bleick courtesy AVO/USGS

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